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For as long as we can remember, flowers have been the currency of love. Delivering flowers to your loved ones is the simplest gesture but means so much to the lucky recipient. As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, we simply cannot go wrong with flowers. But despite our best efforts to find a gift that accurately expresses our love for our other half, flowers can look like a last-minute purchase and aren’t necessarily the most personal gift. But one company is putting an elegant, personal twist on the age-old tradition of gifting roses on Valentine’s Day, offering a preserved flower gift in a way you have never seen before.

Floral company Empress Flora takes perfectly formed roses and preserves them to last one year without water. They are just as beautiful as the ruby red bloom of a long stem rose, but preserved so no maintenance is needed and presented in a graceful holder which doesn’t even need a vase. Each rose is captured and preserved when it is at its brightest and fullest bloom, saving the most beautiful moment to last for months.

Nothing natural is lost in the process, leaving its perfect shape, texture, brightness and even the fragrance. Empress Floral roses are recognizable for their larger, longer outlet petals and inward curvature that makes them, quite literally, picture perfect. You can guarantee that you won’t see a rose with such beautiful complexion anywhere else.

And as much as we love the scarlet glow of a traditional red Valentine’s rose, Empress Flora offers a huge range of colors, from creamy white, royal blue, hot pink, deep violet to jubilant yellow. Empress Flora even gives customers the opportunity to add an extra personal touch for their loved ones with an audio or video message rather than a card.

For those who really want to spread the love and go big on Valentine’s Day, Empress Flora also offers traditional boxes full of picture-perfect rose heads, from claret red blooms, pure white florets in a love heart shape to tantrum red roses in a sleek textured box. Empress Flora takes the uncertainty out of ordering fresh best preserved flowers online, where there is never any guarantee that a $100 arrangement will look as perfect as they do in the picture.

After spending more than two years developing the preserved florals in their subsidiary in sub-urban Bogotá Colombia, where the world’s most beautiful roses are grown to export to the U.S., Empress Flora pieces can be seen everywhere now from luxury hotels like Caesar’s Palace to the most intimate home settings.

Roses are undeniably the symbol of Valentine’s Day, and if you’re going to go with the decades old tradition, it only makes sense that you do it right with preserved flower gift. If you wait until the end of the day to grab the last bouquet at the gas station, you can guarantee those flowers will be looking sad and browning around the petals.

Go the extra mile this Valentine’s Day with a rose (or a bunch) that shows just how much you care.

Source: The American Reporter