Love can be confusing. Trying to figure out what color of rose to send on certain occasions shouldn’t be. With so many options, it’s easy to get stuck and overwhelmed. Should I go with the classic rose-red color? Or sweet pink? What about yellow? 

On the surface, it may look like a preference in color, but the rose color and meanings are very important in communicating the right message to someone. Thankfully, you can fall back on these rose color guidelines to make a perfect choice every time for every occasion.

Rose Color Meanings


AH yes. The classic red rose. This timeless, elegant rose symbolizes deep love, passion, devotion, desire, and romance. The red rose is a crowd favorite for long-term lovers, and it’s suitable for anniversaries, weddings, and Valentine’s Day. 

Universally, red roses mean “I love you,” and with our Suóno perfectly preserved forever rose, you can tell your lover exactly how you feel by recording a personal message or song that will play when they open the stunning case. When you want to show your partner that you’re 100% committed to them, red roses will do the trick. 

If you’re looking to send your new crush red roses, you might want to consider another hue as this shade conveys profound love and longing. You won’t want to escalate your new relationship to the “too much, too soon” level by sending the wrong message. 


The white roses meaning can be seen throughout Western society. From hospitals to weddings, white represents cleanliness, purity, and freshness. 

Similarly, white roses stand for pureness, goodness, youthfulness, innocence, and truth. White roses compliment every color of roses and are an ideal choice for a variety of occasions, including:

  • Weddings - Engaged couples often choose white roses for their wedding flowers and ceremony because white roses signify purity and successful beginnings. Brides and grooms incorporate white rose bouquets and boutonnieres to call forth feelings of chastity, virtue, and perfection. White roses are one of the most traditional wedding flowers and pair beautifully with rose-red colors.

Want to surprise your daughter on her wedding night? Send her a beautiful box of our 100% real White Roses from Colombia.

  • Apologies - In the spirit of renewals and new beginnings, white roses are also suitable to send if you want to say “I’m sorry” and make amends with someone you wronged. 


  • Mother’s Day - Mothers love flowers, and white roses are especially fitting for Mother’s Day because they symbolize everlasting love and the enduring bond between a mother and her son or daughter. 


  • Funerals - White roses are also appropriate to send for funerals because they evoke reverence, humility, mourning, and eternal life. These colored roses offer hope and comfort to anyone who is sad and sorrowful.


  • Religious Services -  From baptisms to First Communions, white roses are thought to send for religious celebrations because they represent spirituality and faithfulness. 


Mixing white and red creates feminine, elegant, and ever-sweet pink. Because the rose pink color conveys gratitude and joy, they are sent traditionally as a gesture of thanks and sincere appreciation. If you want to show your best friend how grateful you are for your friendship, dark pink roses are a beautiful choice. 


Pink roses are extremely versatile and can be sent on all sorts of occasions. For your blossoming new romance, the rose pink color signifies admiration and blissful love. Want to congratulate your niece on her graduation? You can’t go wrong with a light, medium, or dark pink hue. Is your sister welcoming a new baby to the family? Shower her with our Nove Rosa Caldo perfectly curated forever hot pink roses

Like white roses, pale pink roses are also a suitable sympathy gift and can provide comfort to someone experiencing grief.


Ever wonder why the color purple is associated with kings and queens?

The history of purple dye dates back as far as the Phoenicians in 1200 BCE. Since it was very difficult to extract, purple dye was hard to come by and it was extremely expensive. Thus, it became a status symbol. Anyone who wore purple was considered powerful and wealthy. Present-day, purple has maintained its royal and majestic status. 

If you want your loved ones to feel like royalty, give them purple roses, like our stunning Sedici La Viola perfectly curated forever roses.

An alternative to traditional colors of roses, purple roses are memorable and will “WOW” anyone who is lucky enough to receive them. Lighter, lavender shade roses are an especially attractive gift to send to your new love to steal their heart. 


Enchanting and regal, purple roses are suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, and ‘just because occasions. Heck, why not just buy them for yourself too?


Did you know that yellow roses are one of the only colors of roses without any romantic meaning behind them? 

Yellow has always been associated with the sun and its warmth. It represents friendship, care, good luck, and farewell. This bright, optimistic, and hopeful rose can be sent when you want to wish someone well, uplift their spirits, or simply celebrate them. 

Yellow roses, like our Nove Giallo Miele, perfectly curated forever roses, will cheer up anyone’s day! These happy roses are the perfect way to honor your boss, administrative assistant or, colleague without stirring the rumor mill or raising any eyebrows at work. 

Since yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, don’t give them to someone you’re romantically interested in because this gesture may show them that you only care to be friends. 


Orange roses exude enthusiasm, encouragement, appreciation, and passion. If you’re feeling sluggish, having bold and brilliant orange roses in your home can give you a boost of energy!  

With their positive and warm vibes, orange roses communicate “I’m proud of you.” These colors of roses are considered a safe bet for all occasions and can be considered an alternative to the rose-red color on Valentine’s Day. 

Since they combine the rose color and meanings of red and yellow roses, orange roses are also ideal for blossoming romances, especially if you and your sweetie started off first as friends. Consider sending that special someone our gorgeous Una Arancione perfectly preserved forever rose as a statement that you’re ready to move out of the friend zone.


We all know the classic children’s rhyme “Roses Are Red,” but did you know that roses can also be blue? Blue is one of the most unusual and up-and-coming of the rose varieties. 


Since it’s very difficult to find a blue rose in its natural form, these colored roses stand out for their exceptional uniqueness and rarity. 


People are drawn to blue roses because they are mysterious. The unicorn of all of the rose colors, blue roses are appreciated for their elusiveness and calming effect. Placing tranquil blue roses, like our Nove Blu Reale perfectly curated forever roses and our Ocean Blue Petals, around your home fosters an atmosphere of peace and harmony. 



Blue roses can also be sent to help cool the tension between you and a friend after a fight. And if you want to tell someone they’re extraordinarily wonderful, a blue rose shows them that you honor and celebrate their individualism.

The Right Rose Color for Every Occasion

Roses are the quintessential expression of love. But it’s not enough to send any rose on any occasion. Each rose color has its own rose color and meanings and communicates different things, using no words at all.


Knowing the rose color and meanings will help you pick the right color roses for every occasion and correctly relay your message. Whether they are for your friend, family member, or spouse, giving the perfect roses every time will help your relationships continue to bloom and grow.