We’ve all received floral arrangements at some point in our lives. After all, flowers are a perfect choice when it comes to gift-giving. Long lasting flowers and preserved roses are an especially unforgettable gift when they’re presented in a creative way. But it’s difficult to come up with creative presentation ideas on your own unless of course, you’re a florist.

So we’ve done the work for you! We've listed some creative ways to present your long-lasting flowers, which will help you leave a memorable impression and add an extra zing to your gift-giving event. Read on to find out more.


Flowers and Food

From classic cakes to citrus-fruit centerpieces, long-lasting flowers can be displayed with many edible delights. Their cheerful colors and gorgeous shapes enhance desserts, pastries, and more.


Position Flowers on Cake Tiers

Two to three perfectly preserved forever roses, like our Classic Singles, positioned delicately on varying tiers of a birthday or anniversary cake exude elegance and sophistication.


Cake designed with red preserved roses


Place Flowers on Top of Party Favors

If you’re hosting a bridal or baby shower, fill glass jars with candy and tie a single, perfectly preserved rose with jute twine to the lid as a classy and sweet favor for your guests.

     pink rose in a candy jar with jute twine


    Display Flowers With Citrus Fruit

    For the spring and summer months, you can brighten up anyone’s kitchen table by placing oranges, lemons, and lush greenery around flowers, like our cheerful Nove Rosso Camella perfectly preserved forever roses.


      kitchen view with flower and oranges


      Everyday Items With Flowers

      Flowers can also be uniquely presented with common household items. The trick is to first think of the gift-recipient’s hobbies and interests. Then, let your imagination run wild! Look around your home and garage for old or gently-used baskets, books, hats, shoes, tin cans, and even wheelbarrows.  

      Fill a Bicycle Basket With Flowers

      Consider upcycling your old, rusty bicycle into an outdoor floral statement for your friend’s art studio. You can add cascading plants and beautiful long lasting fresh flowers to the wicker basket for a fresh, yet vintage look.


      Bicycle with a front basket filled with roses

      Match Flowers With Paint Cans

      Not sure what to do with those old paint cans sitting in your garage? Slap on some new paint and fill them with matching flowers as a unique and attractive Father’s Day gift.


      flower in the paint can

      Repurpose Rubber Boots Into Flower Planters

      Take old or outgrown rain boots and place the Long lasting flower in them for your mother on Mother’s Day. This is an adorable gift that has major curb appeal. You’ll leave an extra sentimental feeling if you’re able to find a pair of boots that were yours when you were a child.


      pink roses in an old pair of boots


        Transform an Antique Teapot Into a Flower Pot

        For your tea-loving grandmother, present long lasting roses, like our Nove Giallo Miele, in an antique teapot. She’ll cherish their ongoing scent and thoughtful display forever.


        teapot filled with red roses


          Stuff a Sun Hat With Flowers

          Use a dated sun hat, top hat, or baseball cap for a one-of-a-kind-floral display. Depending on how it’s positioned, the hat can be hung on a backyard fence or placed on a flower stand as a focal point in your sunroom.


          sun hat hang in the wall decorated with flowers

            Slip a Rose Into a Napkin Ring for a Dinner Party 

            For a formal dinner party, consider accenting your dining table with flowers. By slipping a tasteful, single rose into your napkin rings or placing our La Nota perfectly preserved forever rose at each table setting, you’ll surprise and delight your dinner party guests.


              napkin ring made out from red rose


              Flowers and Crafts

              Lastly, flowers can be presented along with hand-crafted items as an extra special touch. Nothing screams thoughtfulness and customization like homemade gifts. 

              Create a Floral Sign With Foam

              Flowers positioned and arranged in a giant foam letter or word can make a beautiful “Welcome” sign at your daughter’s wedding. You can also present flowers in foam words, such as “I Love You,” to your sweetie for Valentine’s Day


              love word made from pink roses

              Throw Flowers in Handmade Pottery

              On Teacher’s Day, consider giving your son or daughter’s favorite art teacher our Nove Blu Reale, nine perfectly curated forever roses, in a handmade coil pot. This gesture is an A+ in our books.


              red roses in a handmade coil pot


              Preserve Sentimental Flower Petals in Scrapbooks

              Flower petals from your wedding bouquet can also be preserved and elegantly displayed in a scrapbook with photos from your big day. You can even surprise your spouse on your wedding anniversary by giving this scrapbook to them.

              scrapbook made from dried roses with a wedding photo on the center

                Long-Lasting Flowers Leave a Memorable Impression

                By selecting our long lasting flowers and using any of these creative presentation ideas, you’ll delight your family, friends, and guests, and show them that you care about them. The extra time, though, and effort that you took on making their gift custom to them will leave an imprint on their heart and mind forever. They’ll not only remember your creative floral gift, but they’ll also share it with everyone around them! Perhaps, your floral arrangement will be the next trending Pin on Pinterest… Start crafting your masterpiece today by exploring all of our floral collections.