Artificial roses and long-lasting roses may seem similar on the surface. Both last longer than fresh-cut flowers, and both have gorgeous, natural colors and shapes. It’s easy to confuse the two and believe they are the same. But upon further research, you’ll discover that long-lasting roses are far superior to store-bought artificial roses bouquets

We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each in this blog post, and tell you why artificial rose flowers don’t hold a candle to long-lasting roses.


A lady in a brown shirt is carrying preserved roses


Long-Lasting Roses vs materials-of-artificial-flowers


Advantages of Long-Lasting Roses

Before we jump in, let’s get one thing straight – a preserved rose or long-lasting rose is NOT a man-made flower. 

Long-lasting roses are 100% real and natural flowers.


Violet preserved roses encased in empress flora white gift box


Our long-lasting roses, for example, are farmed in Colombia. When they reach full bloom, the roses are hand-selected, cut, and then preserved. The one-of-a-kind preservation process captures the flower’s unique beauty and texture and allows it to live for a longer period.

Preserved roses last for more than a year without water or sun. Fresh cut roses, in comparison, survive only a week if properly maintained.


Advantages of Synthetic Flowers

Similar to long-lasting roses, synthetic flowers look like real flowers. They are durable, and they are low maintenance. People frequently purchase fabric and plastic-based roses, flowers, and plants from the store for weddings, events, and home decoration for the above-mentioned qualities. 


bouquet of synthetic red roses


Realistic Looking

Man-made flowers look like real flowers even though they are not. Their colors, flower petals, and stem structures simulate actual flowers, but they’re not grown from seeds planted on the earth. 

Most manufactured flowers are made from a variety of materials, including silk, foam, plastic, paper, polyester, and latex. Over the years, technological advances have allowed us to capture the beauty of real flowers and make them look more lifelike. 

Faux roses can be made, for example, using latex molds of living roses and stems to capture their natural forms and imperfections. The end product appears so authentic that you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between real and faux roses.  



Non-natural roses are durable, which allows them to stand upright in vases and floral arrangements. Their artificial nature also allows them to be easily snipped, clipped, and manipulated for the creation of stunning artificial roses bouquets and floral decor. Fabric roses are extremely popular in DIY arts and crafts projects.


Low Maintenance

Similar to long-lasting roses, faux roses don’t require food, water, or sunlight so they are considered low maintenance. Very busy people find them effortless to take care of. Non-natural roses are also bendable so you can pack them in a box and put them in storage. With proper care, these roses can last a lifetime.


Disadvantages of Artificial Flowers

While man-made flowers have their advantages, they are by no means perfect. The disadvantages of non-natural flowers are numerous and include expense, fading color, frequent upkeep, and waste. 

It’s also important to mention that these roses are not ideal gifts. No matter how beautiful the floral bouquet is, giving fake flowers can imply that you have fake feelings or don’t care enough about your relationship to give real flowers.


A hand pinches synthetic pink roses



If you want elegant and natural-looking synthetic flowers, you have to pay a pretty penny. High-quality artificial flowers can be very expensive, and cheaper alternatives tend to look fake and tacky. Even the most expensive artificial silk roses eventually fray at the ends.


Requires Frequent Dusting

Faux roses require some upkeep even though they are less of a hassle than real ones. They collect dust easily, and the dustiness is visible to the human eye. Regular dusting and spot cleaning are necessary to maintain their realistic appearance.


Color Fades Easily

Over time, plastic rose petals lose their vibrant colors. When exposed to direct sunlight or light, plastic or silk flower petals fade faster, causing them to look dull and lifeless. Along with the accumulation of dust, even the most expensive silk flowers look faded, fake, and unattractive.



Plants benefit the environment. Flowers manufactured in a factory do not. Unlike fresh-cut and long-lasting roses, fake roses are formed from mostly man-made materials, chemicals, and dyes. They are made in factories, which contribute to our growing pollution problem. They are also tossed in the garbage when they fade, filling up our already overcrowded landfills.


Benefits of Long-Lasting Roses

It’s clear that synthetic flowers have many advantages but they are extremely wasteful. Long-lasting roses are an eco-friendly alternative that has many of the same benefits, but with far superior quality and cost-effectiveness. 

In addition, people love giving and receiving long-lasting roses as gifts. They are authentic, one-of-a-kind, and gorgeous. There’s nothing fake about them or their sentiment. When you give long-lasting roses as a present, you’re demonstrating that just like the roses, your love is real.


nine pieces of preserved red roses encased in a empress flora glass containe




Long-lasting florals are real flowers that are preserved to maintain their beauty. They stand out extraordinarily well from the rest for their size and shape. These roses are beautiful full blooms that are picked at their peak.


empress flora preserved pink roses encased in white circle container



Everything about them - from their supple petals to their vibrant colors and exquisite fragrance - is natural. There’s no doubt that long-lasting roses appear real and look like legitimate roses. The same can’t be said for alternative flowers.


As mentioned earlier, the lifespan of long-lasting flowers can be up to a year or more depending on proper care. This means you can enjoy the aesthetic beauty and exquisite aroma of long-lasting roses all year long.


colorful and beautiful preserved roses



Easy to Maintain

Preserved flowers are low maintenance. These roses don’t require water or sunlight to maintain their charm. All they need is a quick, gentle dusting once in a while.



Long-lasting flowers generate little to no waste. The flowers are compostable. Once their lifespan has expired, they can return to the earth and play into the circle of life.



Long-lasting floral arrangements are the perfect balance of sentimental value and cost-effectiveness. They are 100% natural flowers so they uphold the significance and sentiment behind real flowers. 

Their price is also economical concerning their lifespan. The longer the flower lasts, the most value it provides. A fresh-cut floral bouquet, in comparison, may cost the same as long-lasting flowers, but their lifespan is short, lasting only 7-10 days. People who surround themselves with fresh-cut roses throughout the year will save a fortune with preserved roses.



While they share similar pros and cons, long-lasting roses are better than artificial roses because they produce little to zero waste; they are appreciated for their sentimental value, and they are cost-effective


With gorgeous shapes and exquisite scents, long-lasting roses are the best choice for gift-giving, saving green, and going green. Empress Flora has an exceptional collection of long-lasting flowers to ensure that you’re sending only the finest, high-quality real roses to your family and friends.