Long-lasting real roses symbolize eternal love and are a classic, must-have addition to your wedding proposal. Couples choose lasting roses to add an extra element of romance to the occasion. But deciding how to propose with roses long lasting can be a challenge.

Rest assured, we’ve got your flawless proposal plans covered. Whether you want your partner to squeal with delight or swoon in love, we’ve included a bunch of ideas on how you can create a perfect proposal that’s guaranteed to be memorable and end in a resounding “YES!”


Create the Perfect Proposal Plan

The first step to a perfect proposal, which may go without saying, is to plan it in advance. 

A thoughtful and well-organized declaration of your love has a greater chance of going off without a hitch than one that is done in haste. 

As the proverbial saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time and effort to create a masterful marriage proposal. 


Pick the Location 

Start laying the foundation for your proposal by picking the location. Consider venues and areas that have sentimental value to you both. 


Start laying the foundation for your proposal


Perhaps the cafe where you went on your first date? The bridge overlooking the river where you had your first kiss? Or, your honey’s dream vacation destination? 


Set the Stage 

Next, you’ll want to schedule the pre-proposal activities. This is where you plan the events leading up to your proposal. 

Consider booking a horseback riding excursion to your proposal spot on the beach. Buying picture frames for photos of your favorite memories together for an at-home proposal. Or, reserve a table overlooking the city skyline at your partner’s favorite restaurant. 

Whatever you decide, make sure to give yourself and your vendor ample planning time. And don’t forget to add a special twist to your plans that are unique to your relationship. 


Ways to Hide the Engagement Ring 

Once you’ve decided on where and how you’ll propose, you need to figure out how to hide your engagement ring from your partner until you're down on one knee. 

After all, all that planning for a surprise proposal will go to waste if your future fiance accidentally finds the ring.

Our long lasting roses in a box are a great option to disguise your ring. 

When the ring is placed between the delicate rose petals, it is unnoticeable to the untrained eye. And since our roses are displayed in beautifully embossed cases, the ring stays safe and secure.


set of preserved white roses in a heart shape container


Here are some of our favorite proposal ideas with long-lasting roses:


Hire Musicians

Surprise your partner at a formal dinner by hiring musicians and asking them to play a song that has significant meaning to you two. At the end of the song, you can present your love with our Vedere perfectly preserved forever rose and case that has a 4.3” LCD screen. A video plays seamlessly when you open the box, so you can record an eloquent and heart-warming proposal for your partner to swoon over.


a single preserved purple rose encase in a glass box

Incorporate Your Pet

Your beloved pet has been with you every step of your courtship. It’s only  right that you include your faithful friend in your proposal! Consider dressing your pet in a tuxedo costume and slipping a handmade rose- studded collar around their neck. Follow your pet into the room with a bouquet of flowers and the ring.


pet dog with flower collar and a flower bouquet in the background


Fly Over Proposal

For that extra “wow” effect, arrange to have a farmer cut out the words, “Marry Me?” in his cornfield, and then charter a private jet to fly you and your partner over it. When your sweetie is distracted looking at the message below, you can slip out a long-lasting rose from your backpack and place the ring inside its case for an elegant presentation and unexpected proposal.


preserved pink rose encase in a glass box


Sunset on the Sea

Set sail on calm waters with your sweetheart in the early afternoon. At sunset, surprise your love with her engagement ring in our Suono perfectly preserved rose and beautifully embossed case. Tip: This rose case allows you to pre-record your voice and plays automatically when you open it, so you won’t have to worry about fumbling over your words at the moment.


preserved blue rose encase in glass music box

Scavenger Hunt

Place handwritten notes and clues in hidden places throughout your home or town for your partner to find. Incorporate your family and friends in the hunt, and plan to have the last clue end with you, long-lasting rosebuds, and the ring.


Preserved Roses as the Perfect Decoration

Our preserved roses also serve as elegant and fragrant decorations for your proposal venue and intimate engagement. 

Unlike store-bought roses, our year long lasting roses don’t need water to survive, and they keep their scent and shape for a year.

Here are some ways that you can use our preserved roses as part of your proposal decorations: 


Boxed Roses for Out-of-Town Venues

If your proposal plans involve flying or driving to an out-of-town location, our premium rose boxes are the sweetest travel companion. They can be stowed away in your luggage and are easy to carry to any venue. Plus, each box comes with 24-25 roses so there’s plenty of them to go around your proposal site - whether that’s on a table centerpiece, at a beach, or on a roof-top terrace.


set of red preserved roses encased in a black empress flora gift box

Rose Petal Trails for Intimate, At-Home Proposals

One of the most seductive and romantic ways to propose to your partner is with rose petal trails. Our real, long-lasting rose petal box is filled with soft, large petals that can be scattered on the ground from your front door to your bathtub or to your bedroom.


preserved rose petals


In both of these scenarios, your sweetheart can enjoy an added bonus. They can keep the long-lasting roses and petals as a remembrance of the proposal for up to a year!


Long-Lasting Roses for a Lifetime of Romance

We hope that our step-by-step instructions on how to create the perfect proposal with long lasting cut roses have given you a better idea of how you’re going to pop the big question and make it an unforgettable day. 

By following these suggestions, we feel confident that you’ll start your engagement on a high note and woo your man or woman into a lifetime of romance. Begin your perfect proposal planning today by checking out all of our long-lasting flower collections.