The Amethyst has been considered a prize gem that symbolizes Royalty and Luxury. Amethyst is cleansing, both physically and psychologically. It promotes internal balance and harmony to the soul. Amethysts create happiness, self assurance and confidence. It brightens the life and enhances the sense of humor creating joy.

The virtues of amethyst include: Beauty, calm, humility, loving demeanor, perfection, tranquility and wisdom. It is said to increase mental powers, improve memory and keep you in tune to your life goals.

Our Violet Amethyst Rose is the gift of elegant beauty. It embodies the essence of the color with perfection, tranquility and wisdom. The perfect bloom will create a lasting memory in harmony with the universe.

Empress Floral Real Roses are handpicked to allow us to capture the flower’s natural beauty, unaltered texture, shape, feel, and brightness.

Our Roses are Allergen-Free allowing people who suffer from pollen allergies to still enjoy real roses. Best of all they are Maintenance Free so they do not need to be watered. We do not use Pesticides so that our roses have a lasting beauty for up to one year.

The Violet Amethyst rose allows you to display the extraordinary blossom.

Make February an unforgettable memory that lasts all year. Give the gift of luxurious Empress Floral Violet Amethyst Roses that exude the essence of Beauty, Perfection and Harmony. The Rose That Blooms All Year!